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Thread: ''World Premiere RIVER RATS II''

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    Thanks for sharing the pics Wayne. I did not see you there. I will catch up with you next time.

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    Wayne, nice job on the narration!. And yes we did hear a little chuckle out of you.
    A huge thanks goes out to the whole Mitchell clan for assembling this and having name tags to boot.

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    What a fun day!! It was good seeing eveyone

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    Thanks to everyone for the great weekend. Got home a few minutes ago... 35 degrees here.
    Greg thanks for putting it together for us. I really enjoyed the video.

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    Thanks for posting some pic's Wayne, great job on the narration too. Here's some more pics that daughter Katelin took.
    Some more to come in between patients

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    Anyone get a pic of that slow azz chevelle? He pulled a scared guy move on me. I told the guy I was going to bring my car to race him there, to put on a show for everyone. He told me he would not have it there. I did not bring my car and then shows up with it, what a chicken!

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