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Thread: Paging Boater Bill

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    Schiada Time
    How's it? How have you and Sanny been? Congrats on the new Howard. Saw pics on OP6 and it looks gorgeous. How is your home in the dez? Hope we can boat with you guys sometime next summer. Headed for a bit more lake boating this year I think. i grew up boating Mohave with my family and would love to get back there soon. Maybe we will hook up next summer.

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    Boater Bill
    Travis, we are doing well, thanks for asking. You are always welcome at the casa. We are minutes away from the Avi and about 1/2 hr each way from either Needles or Mohave. We are really looking forward this year to lots of time on the water with the new boat. I still hope to make some laps in the Rogers as well. Contact us anytime!

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    Schiada Time
    Good to hear from you Bill! Glad you guys are doing so well. Excited about your new boat.We will hook up on the water next summer for sure.

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