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    I've got a friend looking to get a 1981 to 1985 18' Keaton. If anyone knows of one out there, please let me know. If anyone happens to have one, I wouldn't mind seeing a pic of it. I've only seen a couple, a couple of 66's and a 71.

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    The best place to look for Keaton's is in the Sacramento Bee Classifieds.
    They are online and I would see Keaton's come up for sale from time to time.

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    I think Keaton's are still be made in Sacramento.
    Here is a link to Classic boats:

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    Great looking boat! What year was it? 71?
    From what Dave (the guy looking for one) told me, they changed the style of their 18' boat from 1981 to 85. That's the boat he's looking for. If any of you happen across one, please let me know and I'll pass on the info.

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    Cas....Keaton is still in Sacramento...8509 Folsom HYW50...They should be in the phonebook...A friend of ours has a Keaton jetboat...I might have some pics somewhere..Nice boats..
    Here's a pic of the one he bought...

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    I owned a Keaton and love it to death. Damn fun boat. Mine had a 440 dodge in it and went about 55 MPH. Sold it to a christian church group for their youth outings and they used it for fifteen years.

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    Yea, he already has the link and has been in contact with Keaton. Apparently the 81-85's were a little different and that's what he wants. Thanks for posting the link though.
    Definitely cool boats!

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