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Thread: magic deck boat

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    call my brother in law. he's selling
    frank 909-717-9843, boat is in big river,ca. he will be bringing it back home to rialto this weekend. will post pics later

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    This has got to be the worst spam attempt ive ever info, no pics, just call him??? FYI In todays market you almost have to wine and dine perspective buyers to sell high end boats.

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    Legal Chemistry
    almost a completely useless post... nope, confirmed it -it is
    BTW, I have a Chevy truck for sale. Yup, just a truck. No year, mileage, engine, color... just call me, I'll give you the details. call 1-800-USE-LESS

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    What a rough crowd.

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    What a rough crowd.
    very rough I don't think he want's to sell it that bad

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    What a rough crowd.
    Rough.....but damn funny.

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    What a rough crowd.
    yeah , i know. what a bunch of fookers. i was going to post pics later today? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :idea: by the way, how did cal do on your stuff???

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    thanks for the great responses guys, i new this boat would get some interest. he is looking to get 18 k for the boat. small block chevy, alpha 1 drive. magics first deck boat!!

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    Wow, that is magically different than what I expected.

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    by the way, how did cal do on your stuff???
    Great ! Thanks and he's a real cool dude. I went up stream to his pad and he wasn't there . So I caught up to him at his place in anaheim .

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