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    I have recently seen a web add showing the boat "Hobbit" for sale, however I cannot contact the owner shown. Perhaps this is a very old add. Does anyone know who the current owner is and if it is still for sale.

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    The Hobbit is for sale. The current owner, a guy named Todd, is refinishing the inside of the boat at the moment. You can get ahold of him at TRG Custom Fiberglass 626-991-9031

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    Big Proppa
    I just talked to Todd, he's in Mammoth on vacation but is expecting your call.
    Good Luck Alan B

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    If i'm thinking straight (no comments from the peanut gallery) the add your talking about it's not the boat Todd has. There were 2 Hobbitts for sale and Tony (Guru) bought one & sold it to Todd and there's still one left complete with engine. Try calling Gordy at Paul Pfaff racing engines. He'll know how to reach Chuck Boyd who is the owner.

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    Kindsvater Flat

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