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    Those guy's are Highly Skilled Crazy! I bet it hurts to Almost win.

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    Awesome video Cola. Thanks. Crazy wrecks. :220v:
    I have been to Laguna Seca and out to Willow Springs a few times what a kick to watch.

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    2 races left. Down to a 12 point lead. Looks like Hayden might not be the first american in 6 years to win it. :220v:

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    That is hands down my favorite sport. I think those guys are twice the atheletes that any pro baller is. Talk about balls being carried around in a Freightliner too...
    Even F1 doesn't have the payoff for greater talent. The hardware gets you so far, but the line, the rider position, the feel for the dynamics of the bike and setup... all can combine in the best riders to pull off a win when it is otherwise undeserved. The guy willing to push that much harder towards the edge of disaster may pull it out and dominate.
    No other sport has the penalty for failure at the speeds this does either. You go down at 120+ and there is no way around the fact that you just went down at 120+. In the best case scenario... you skid for 200 yards. Worst case you skid under your cartwheeling machinery for 200 yards into a cement wall.
    Those guys are as close as I come to hero worship.

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