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Thread: Oil Filters

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    Can I use a regular Fram or other quality oil filter on my 454 the Quicksilvers are not as convenient to get just wondering

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    Originally posted by lovemyultra:
    Can I use a regular Fram or other quality oil filter on my 454 the Quicksilvers are not as convenient to get just wondering
    I'm just another boater, who has built some motors over the years. So free advice is just that...
    Short answer is, "yes".
    Longer answer is that you probably should consider the "racing" version. I believe they carry a higher flow rate, smaller (micron) filter, and higher burst preasure. Your auto parts store should have these spec.s I believe Fram's BBC filter is PH 4 - but double check me on that. ALso, space permitting, think about the "truck" filters that are available (some of the old 427 chevy's are two quart) -- longer than your stock one quart. I ran one of those on a 88 BAJA 454 - no problem after fabricating an aluminum bracket to tip the filter out and over the edge of the exhaust manifold.

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    Racing Ray
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    I like the Baldwin 279 filters for BBC myself.

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    In order to use the baldwin 279 you have to block off the bypass on the filter adapter, Jim Brock

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    You may want to consider either the Amsoil SDF oil filter(which in an automotive app is a 12,500 mi or 6 month filter), or as a number of my marine diesel accounts have done...the dual remote or dualgard bypass filtration systems combined with oil analysis and Amsoil Marine Diesel 15W40 synthetic oil(formulated for gas as well). Ran into several folks who have gone several years with the oil in fine shape.

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    I use a HP6 with a Teague remote mount on the back of the head. Its a bigger filter than HP4, I believe you can never have enough oil.

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    I took a hydraulics class and the instructor had cut open several different brands of filters. The quality in construction and filter design differences were obvious.The best filters of the group were AC, purolator, and wix.Some filers were exactly the same, meaning one company probably produced all these filters for different labels.I will not use fram again.

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    Has anyone ever used an Oberg filter? Kinda pricey but they look like a good idea. Other than that, I think Wix is about the best conventional filter you can get.

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    i wouldn't use the fram i had one implode on my engine. the wix seem pretty good.

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