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Thread: hey errbody...

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    hey who has a myspace page on here? prolly not many...i just would like to meet some people on here since im pretty new still. here's my address:
    have a good night,

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    Check it out...
    myspace dorks (http://***
    I'm too stubborn to set up an account for myself but sometimes I check out my friends pages to see what they've been up to after not seeing them for a couple years.
    BTW-it's a great place to pick up chicks if you are a pedophile

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    Perfect Mixer
    Is this the latest thing or what? I've just recently seen a lot of these "myspace" things. I first noticed it on my daughters computer.

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    haha...i guess...its just something for me to screw around with when i get bored.

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    I was at a local watering hole, and this girl was trying to get me to buy her a drink, during her one sided conversation she asked "... what's your myspace?"
    I was like and how old are we again?

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    There are several HB members on MySpace. Just find one and look at their firends.

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