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Thread: What size jets are you running?

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    Just curious of what size jets some of you are running. I have a Holley HP950 (80496-1) on a 8:1 468 chev with a little cam and headers. It came with 78's all the way around. I am up to 84's in the primaries and 90's in the secondaries and my friggin plugs are still white, and I have what sounds like a lean miss at WOT (which is only 4600rpm). I have a 6-valve mechanical pump at 6psi at WOT so delivery isn't an issue.
    Oh yeah, I run at 500 ft alt.

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    i know this probably will not help but i am running a blow through nickerson built 750 with 86 pri. 100 sec. 7lbs at idle. 502 with a procharger

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    I have 80's & 92's in 2- 750's 468 W/ a 650 lift cam and at normal running 2m to 3m rpm it runs fat, at 4500 to 6200 it runs just gray.

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    Geez, 92's and 100's in 750 cfm carbs? I guess since I have a 950, I'm not there yet! I'm wondering why Holley would have installed 78's from the factory though...
    Where will I end up. .110's in the secondaries???

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    I am running 75 pri 79 sec in a holley 750 vac secondary.motor is a 429 w/cam,intake,11-1 comp.Also have a plate w/47 and 53 jets too

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    What size air-bleeds are you running? High speed and idle? Who built the carb? Are the metering blocks adjustable with air-correctors or are they drilled? Type of boosters?
    Did you check your float settings? With knowing the type of calibration performed to your metering blocks, this will determine proper float height and jet selection.
    What type of pwr.valves do you have? Size of PCVR bleeds?
    Contact me if ya need some assistance...
    Note- when asking which size jets are proper on a HP950 is like asking what is the best timing for a small block engine...
    [ December 29, 2002, 06:53 PM: Message edited by: Hotcrusader76 ]

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    I have no clue what air bleeds are in it. What ever came from the factory. The boosters are the "down leg" units, also factory. The floats are about level with the bowls off, I set them just to dribble a little with the sight plugs out. It has #6 p-valves, and I don't know what a PCVR bleed is. My scoop is a bear to get off, I'll see what I can do. I wasn't so much asking for a recommendation, I just wanted so see where some other people were. It seems like I am getting awfully far from factory jetting, with no improvement.
    [ December 29, 2002, 07:02 PM: Message edited by: DUCKY ]

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    Okay, 32's and 74's on the air bleeds.
    Thank God for GearWrenches!!!!!!!
    It runs awesome all the way up to nearly full throttle, but that last little bit of throttle and it starts missing and falls on it's face. WTF!!!!!!!
    [ December 29, 2002, 07:23 PM: Message edited by: DUCKY ]

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    Hey Ducky..........The jetting on that carb will be pretty close from the factory.I think you are probably okay on the jets you have in it.I would be looking elsewhere for the problem.What about timing and are you running that HEI piece of,well you know what I think of them.

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    I would think that factory jets would be close too. I would also normally blame the ignition, but my plugs are dry and white. How could an ignition issue cause that?

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