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Thread: The Rumor Mill....

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    I heard Maximus sold his jetboat,,, and is now "v-drive only"! Lol!!

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    What a smart guy.

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    There you go again, rumor starter. Maybe a mud sucker wanted to actually beat somebody! and, if true, your Honcho won't get jet-washed on its maiden voyage!

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    Looks like he didn't try it on for size before buying! :crossx:

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    Focker's a little tight...

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    Focker's a little tight...
    Tight is GOOD! ... I understand it was showing some pretty good fin, when you was out running the other day. [ especially for running blind :2purples: ]

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    is that really maxi behind those foster grants?

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    The one & only biatch! This is my new nostalgia flat entry... I wanted to make sure I am not under powered! :crossx:

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    Im callin BS :idea: Theres no way Jr. Hart sold his boat :idea:

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    I am callin Domino's for a pizza! :notam:
    Just like there is no possible way that monkeys could fly out of your ass either! I think that could be argued...

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