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Thread: Berkley Rudder??

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    Looking to purchase a new rudder... Anyone have one they would like to seperate from?? Mine is done, and I have found that new they are $65.00 so I thought I would check to see if anyone is selling one. Also if anyone has 3/4" plastic pin bushings (4) I am going to replace them while I am in there. Please let me know. Thanks!!!

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    I am in the west Phoenix,AZ area and have the bushings. What do you mean by done? We weld aluminum and can repair just about anything. Call me 623-877-8553 TIMINATOR

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    Try running without it. I took mine off and didn't notice any handling difference.

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    Ahh, the old rudder vs. no rudder topic. I read & read about this here on the boards when I first bought my boat ( it's rudderless ). I decided to learn to run & manuever it without it, as the common opinion here is the same as TexasJet mentioned....

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    El Prosecutor
    Try running without it. I took mine off and didn't notice any handling difference.
    IMHO the rudder is worthless. I had my boat for a couple months before buying one, thinking that it would increase handling at very low speeds or when coasting up to the dock. NOT. Honestly, neither my wife or I could notice any perceptable difference. :cry:
    The Seloc Marine Jet Drive Manual says that the rudder is "intended to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements, namely all boats shall have a rudder. . . . .In actual practice, VERY little, if any rudder control can be utilized after the engine is shut down."
    That's my 2 cents - just leave it off!

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    Some Kind Of Monster
    I got rid of mine because it was always in the way. After, I couldn't tell it was gone.

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    wow so everyone is in agreement here, that I should drop the dead weight and see how it handles without it..... I think I may give it a go.... Thanks for all the imput.... Had no idea I would be doing just that... Thanks

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    Squirtin Thunder
    If the boat is set up with a low thrust line the rudder helps at slow speeda as well as at high speed. The rudder will also help prevent a spin-out under hard cornering. I love having a rudder.

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    no worries,no rudder,no problem! nuff said?

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