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Thread: Dominator Carbs,Gas to Alky ??

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    Liberator TJ1984
    How much trouble would it REALLY BE for me to switch over to alcohol ???
    I already have 2 Mallory ProComp 250 pumps installed ,regulators,and return lines to tanks...I would like to pick up the added HP and Cooling effect of the Alky over gas , But Keep it Lakeable without going to a hat system and expense to convert all that over ....
    so what is the real scoop on this ???
    oh yea , on gas I'm at 92jets squared on tune up already...
    Info.? arnt you running carbs on alky ??? (yes arnt is a word )
    Thanks Guys

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    I've heard that Alky is not a good idea on a lake boat aplication due to contamination to the oil. I have heard from very reliable sources that they are getting almost identical numbers between Alky and gas when you step up to the Quick Fuel Dominators, just something to look into.

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    Liberator TJ1984
    Well .......I'm waiting
    All the vast knowledge out there I figured this would be an easy answer

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    you will more than likely get some oil dilution with the alky----it does it the most at idle----you are putting in twice as much as gasoline, and it doesn't all vaporize at low speeds, carbs or hat-----better off putting money in an intercooler and staying on gas----but might be fun giving it a try!!!

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    Carbs have to have extensive rework which isn't cheap. Big fuel lines and pay attention to restrictions. Pumps sound like they would work.

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