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    What is the longest (distance) trip you've ever been on in your own boat.
    I would LOVE to launch at one end of Lake Powell, drive down, stopping in at each little marina. Spend the nights boat camping and boat hoteling, from one end of Lake Powell to the other.
    Begin at the top and end up at Wawheap......(sigh)
    Wouldn't that be cool?
    What other lakes can you do that with?

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    Tom Brown
    About 45 miles on Lake Okanagan.
    OK everyone... kick my ass.

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    Newport to Ensenada and back

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    We go to Powell and one year our houseboat was broken down, so we just stayed on it in the marina. Took the Skater up for day trips and one day we went all the way to Bullfrog. Long day, but wonderful.
    Lake Mead is just about as big as Powell. Not as pretty and the "legs" aren't as crazy long, but it is a big lake travelwise. We have a slip there, in fact we'll be there camping this weekend.

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    I once went from the Bluewater hotel up to the Parker dam.....
    Furthest for me in our current boat was that ATTDR. Davis to Hoover and back

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    I've done that. Took us a week... about 2 and half days down and 2 and half days back up.
    Started at Hite (which is dry right now), went to Halls Creek the first night, then the San Juan arm the second, and then down to Page on the third, messed around and then hauled ass back up to the San Juan. Didn't actually go all the way to the dam though. Camped at Hansen Creek on the way back up, and then back to Hite on the final day.
    It was a long, fun, expensive week.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    One weekend we went up to the Hoover Dam and back and then down to Havasu and back the next day. I am not sure of miles but it was totally one of the best trips, weekends ever.

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    300 + miles. Chattanooga to Knoxville and back. Toooooo much fun

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    on the run from Davis to Hoover, is gas available along the way??

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    Marina to the Channel.

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