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Thread: Graycie vs Hughes.

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    little rowe boat
    In May. Any predictions????

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    Tom Brown
    I think it will be a route.

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    which Graycie???

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    little rowe boat
    which Graycie???

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    Hoyce??? His brothers are alot better then he is... they just don't fight....
    Oh and Chuck would kick all thier a$$es

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    Matt, will take him easily!
    Unleashedclothing ( :crossx:

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    Oh and Chuck would kick all thier a$$es

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    Im stiking with hughes, but I would like to see an awesome grappling match like we saw when Diego Sanchez faught Nick Diaz....that was insane!!!

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    That's the one I'm waiting for, Sat. Feb. 4th, SuperBowl Weekend! I wouldn't even try to predict that one, just dying to see it. As for Matt and Royce, gotta take Matt, I think the Gracie guy has the name, but Matt's been a constant recently and the other guy just might be a little out of the loop to know what's coming his way. Just a girlie point of view of course...

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