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Thread: *SPAM* Complete 10-71 blower setup for sale....

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    Jim B.
    I actually posted this setup for sale about a month or so ago and deleted the thread because I thought it was sold but the guy backed out after I patiently waited 3 weeks for him to get the money together! Oh well....
    Less than 3 hours on everything. Manifold to scoop.
    - Littlefield 10-71, hard ano, etc.. , 8mm pulleys (56, 51)
    - Littlefield comp. blower manifold
    - Inline carb adapter w/ doubler pumpers worked by John @ C & J engineering in whittier, CA
    - Product engineering 4 port regulator
    - Radiused -8 fittings and braided hose
    - Polished dooley scoop w/ flame arresters and scoop cover
    $4000 for everything.................and I'll throw in a product engineering fuel pump also!
    PM me or call me if your interested.....................see pics below.
    Jim Barnett
    (310) 947-7573

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    How long until it gets moved the SPAM section ??

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    Not real long LOL

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    Jim B.
    Sorry boyz.........................didn't know about the spam section!!

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