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Thread: hey randall ross

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    just want to thank you for being so helpful with denise ...she is heart broke about the deal but she will get over it .. she is a woman of her word

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    no problem maybe we can all meet up this year somewhere,were gonna be at texoma either in the centurion or the liberator,BTW you guys have some very nice boats. you know about the jetboat meet at lake texoma on memorial day weekend don't ya? if not go over to texas*** and check it out.It's gonna be at platters flatt campground which is off 75/69 just over the oklahoma border.

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    we are going to try and make it to texoma ..if not we will meet up some where for sure

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    hey jdf how is the scorpion inquiry coming,any news yet?

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    it's looking real good ..she is still working out some kinks

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