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Thread: OT:New Toy From Miller

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    I sold my Dynasty 200DX TIG machine and just got the Dynasty 300DX machine. This thing is unreal. I just TIGed up some thick alum with no problems. The puddle started as soon as I hit the "go" pedal. This thing is awsome. The practice pic of alum. really has not prep done so it is a little dirty. The tubing is .300" thick and the base plate is .400". At 225 amps I almost blew through the tube and the plate. On AC with the frequency set higher it sounds like a motocross bike(2 stroke) on steroids. Time to fab up more stuff for the boat.

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    El Prosecutor
    Now how am I going to convince my wife that I really do need welding equipment, and that it will save us so much money in the long run??
    Cool pics OP!

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    yup , you da man

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    Aluminum Squirt
    Get real good with it and you could make an entire boat out of that shiny metal stuff :boxed: -Aluminum Squirt

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    nice lookin' much did that set u back?

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