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Thread: Rattle Can Lou turns 53 today

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    Everyone wish brother Lou a happy birthday... His cards are going to the home where he is going through the 9 step program after this weekend!
    Happy Birthday Lou...

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    Happy Birthday Lou, hope you have a good one.

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    Hell he's doing good. I didn't think he looked a day over 60 and I was RIGHT!!!. Happy Birthday Magoo from your buddy who always has your back :rollside: .

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    Happy B-Day and many more to come, hope you have a great one!..

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    Happy B day brother Lou, keep that can a shakin :rollside:

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    Happy Birthday Mike!

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    Happy Birthday Mike, Lou, whaterever your name is....

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    didn't think u could get that ugly in only 53 years but hey.....happy birthday

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    Happy Birthday Lou your just a pup. j.j.

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    Holy crap Lou, when did you get so damn old???????????? Happy Birthday big boy!!!!!!!!

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