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Thread: stuffer-----shoe

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    how does a stuffer work(theoredically)--do you have to machine threaded holes
    to install it or what??
    shoe--my first time seeing one--does it hang down lower than the bottom of the boat--if so how much??
    i know your going to ask me what i have(I WISH IT WERE A BERK)
    its a jaccuzzi jc with a ride plate and a loader.
    would a shoe--a stuffer--and tuning the bowl veins help me??????????????

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    IMHO...i would leave what i have alone & run it...there have been alot of threads on here about the pros & cons of shoes, loaders, stuffers, ride plates etc...u just have to look for them & read...there's an old saying: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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    hey thats AA isnt it ?
    would you have the name of any of those threads????????
    i love to read up on pros and cons---thanx---

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