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Thread: Iran- Nuclear Crisis

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    Old Texan
    Unidentified gunmen attempted to assasinate president Ahmadinejad in eastern Iran on December 12, and sources in Tehran say the new president is facing fierce opposition for rival clerics who feel he has gone too far in openly defying the United States and Israel.
    It seems the pres of Iran is having problems from within maintaining his zealot doctrines.
    Rest of story:

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    You mean to tell me that because of whats happening in Iraq, that people in the middle east are having second thoughts about letting a madman rule thier country, and letting him develope nukes, defying the US (sarcasm).
    Maybe Syria will back down and stop openly defying the US, oh wait they already did that.
    Don't tell me that the Bush's war on terror is working.(sarcasm)
    Looks like the liberals fantisy is falling apart.

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    1978 Rogers
    Someone in France just turned on the light bulb. :idea: Next, France will claim there were WMD in Iraq at one time.

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    Steve 1
    But how can that be?? Bent here says the Iranian President Is a Prince among men it is the Jews Bush and the conservatives who are the bad ones!

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    Next, France will claim there were WMD in Iraq at one time.
    sarcasm warning;
    That just can't be! If it were to happen, that would plant ANOTHER nail in the conspiracy coffin of "no WMD''s in Iraq before we invaded, bush lied". Bush HADF to have lied, he just HAD to have ....... didn't he? Sen Kennedy SAID so. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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    1978 Rogers
    I liked the Warning.

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