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Thread: ARP rocker arm studs... worth it?

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    Whatcha think, worth spending money on them?
    on jegs Hi-Pref series runs about $30 bucks and the Pro Series about $55
    I'm running 160# on the seat and 550# open (.640 lift)

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    Squirtin Thunder
    I like all APR stuff !!! And run there rocker studds in every performance engine. I have never had a failure, yet !!!

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    Yes, go new ARP, I have broken stock Gm studs before, never ARP.

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    The ends are milled flat, give the roller arm lock an exellent surface to stay put.

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    I can't see even a stock rocker stud failing if used with a stud girdle. I'm sure there are other reasons to doubt them, but I would think there had to be something else out of whack in the combination of parts used. Like extreme valve spring pressures, or something else in the valve train going away, or piston to valve interference, tight guides, etc etc.....Those GM studs are pretty stout, ARPs are better,(I guess), but all those years racers have used the stockers successfully???, even the stamped steel rockers have a good reputation. I'm not saying that a set of rocker studs off a 66 396 are going to last forever, but they'll take a hellofa beating and keep on ticking........MP

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    Yep got to agree go with the ARP's, way better than stockers performance wise!..

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    Now the question is Hi-Pref or Pro Series?

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    For what you have the Hi-Perf will work fine!..

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    Just the facts maam', just the facts......

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    It shouldn't even be a question.
    You are building an engine that you want to last. You are putting thousands of $ in it, $55 for pieces as busy and supportive as rocker studs should not remotely be questioned.

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