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Thread: I think i have seen this at the Sandbar

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    Hmmm, not funny, the surf punks are the same as the sandbar ass holes, what a waste of oxygen...

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    I love the guy on the side directing the beating Its amazing how tuff people are in a 3 on 1 situation

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    Nothing like getting an assault filmed by several different peeps with several good shots of the assaulter recorded for the cops to easily identify. Even a half-witted lawyer could have a field day in court with evidence like this !!! Hopefully surfer boy ends up with free top of the line surf boards for lifeĀ…

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    I can here the surf punks now, "let's beat that guy to a pulp casue he stole my wave, then we'll break his board, that'll show him", phucktards...

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    They wanted a fight, and chose a sure win The kid looked like he was 15. :idea:

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    They wanted a fight, and chose a sure win The kid looked like he was 15. :idea:
    Unfortunately that's what a Surf Punk fight usually looks like, some dickhead that's surfed his whole life and a kid that is either new or just a few years under his belt, the Surf Nazis think that they own the beach and that every wave is theirs, guess kinda like the dude on the Sandbar that has consumed 12 beers and a couple of shots, all the sudden the whole freaking lake is his...

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    Howie Feltersnatch
    Time for a little "Skeet Surfin"

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