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Thread: New floors

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    Verry nice work.

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    Purdy!!! Will we get to see it at next years Notta Regatta?

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    Damn thats nice!!!!
    How much does it run to have something like that done??

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    looks as if u got a great start on it now.......looks em new like that looks as if u can eat off it........that is if u eat off boat floors and all lol...... :rollside:

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    Very, very nice!

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    Huff the boat looks awsome. I am curious was your strut recessed? If not are you going to recess it? I have a 69 Schiada that needs to have the floors done and needs to be set up correctly. So I'm very interested see how yours comes out. Keep us posted

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    Looks totally badass Scott, looking forward to seeing it done!..

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    You're welcome Scott, and I'm sure it will be top notch when done!..

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    Nice floor. What kind of coat did you use? What is the name of it?

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