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Thread: Grads2112 new license plate frame

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    so Greg has been strutting around town for the past few months bragging about his cool license place frame. Here it is:
    Little did he know that he's actually been driving around for a while with this frame on his truck:
    I've been waiting patiently now for a while to post these pics. Waiting for grads to notice that his personalized plate frame was attracting a whole new crowd.
    Owned again?

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    Thats hilarious.

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    oooooooooh ya....thats a good one :crossx:

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    :crossx: :crossx: :crossx: How long did he have it on there?

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    Forkin' Crazy
    There is also a company that makes magnetic "gay pride" bumper stickers! :crossx:

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    There is also a company that makes magnetic "gay pride" bumper stickers! :crossx:
    I had to buy the plate frame online, and then my wife went and picked up the lettering at the mall. couldn't find anyone online who would personalize the plate frame.

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