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Thread: Car Pulled In front Of me on the way home

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    I was traveling down a main street, when a guy in a BMW roadster pulled out in front of me. Not much I could do, considering he was following another car which I avoided. I was traveling at 60 mph, the sheriff said I had 40 feet to react by the skid marks. Luckily no one was killed and we were able to walk away. Paramedics checked me out and I did not want a ride in the ambulance, my wife came and took me to the ER. The air bag explosion burnt my arm, sore back and arm :yuk:
    Ripped my front tire off the truck
    His Car
    My Work Truck

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    Tom Brown
    Wow. I'm glad you're OK. It sounds like you'll be a little sore for a while.

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    Sorry to hear about the accident. I am glad you only had minor injuries. Get well soon.

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    Holy shit!!!!!! Man that could have been a lot worse. Glad your ok.

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    Glad your OK but I hope that dumbass hurts when he shits.

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    Good it wasnt more serious...Hows the other guy? Your going to be sore tomorrow! :cry:

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    Glad no one was seriously hurt, but damn that BMW held up nice from the looks of it.

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    The other guy jumped out of his car and ran down the street yelling he was sorry and it was all his fault he told the sheriff he does not know how he did not see me
    Another car was in front of him, which made me slow down, he must of thought it was safe and pulled out :yuk:
    He restored the outside of his car himself a couple years ago :cry:

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    Hope they cited the ass for a 801

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    Glad no one was seriously hurt, but damn that BMW held up nice from the looks of it.
    Couple more feet back on his car, may have been a fatality the sherrif let him know that then wrote him a citation

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