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Thread: DUI in Parker?

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    I could use some legal advise (maybe from Larry H. Parker) & thought there's no better place to turn than the people of HB. I got pulled over tonight & got a DUI just S. of the keys. Initially @ the car I blew a .084 (.08 is legal), when we got to the office I blew a .06 twice! I still got a DUI & have to go to court, I will not have my license suspended because I was under @ his office & he released me to my wife for the night. If I'm found guilty, I still have to serve 24 hrs in jail & go to a alcoholism class. Any suggestions for beating this? ~ Thanks

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    Post on boatcops website.

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    I was on the road - Riverside Dr.

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    well here's the deal. AZ is a ZERO tolerance state so if they can prove that you were under the influence to the slightest degree, you get a DUI. That's it. If you were stopped and they had a legit reson to stop you, bend over and just take it. Ain't no getting out of it.
    What were you stopped for?
    Sorry to rain on your parade but the only way to get out of it is to not do it to begin with...I paid 10,000 to a lawyer to get my last one dropped from extreme to DUI under .08..
    I ain't preaching don't drink and drive only saying suck it up...

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    Not exactly what I was hoping to hear. What was I stopped for - you name it - I was riding a dirt bike on the road, no registration, no eye protection, didn't have my license on me, etc. - not more than 200ft from our house. Cop was real nice - just doing his job, but he basically told me the same thing.

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    yeah sorry to hear man...
    well you are gonna get popped for it and I wouldn't get any legal aid. Just go in there and plead "no contest"!
    You can try and fight it but if you don't have a legit reason to fight, you're wasting your money. I know it sucks but, there isn't any real beating the system on this one.

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    You asked here and this topic has been reviewed closely.
    No one here could name someone they knew, or is a regular on this site has beat a DUI,, even the lawyers representing themselves as DUI specialists have never even beat their own DUI's.
    It's a new era,,
    It's about $30 grand to fully fight the charge according to the reliable posters on HB's.
    If you fight it, they go for calibration of the testing devices,, training of the officer, ect ect, that phase is called discovery.
    I assume it was Parker PD being South of the Keys, and they only do three things:
    1. Man speed traps
    2. Bust for DUI's
    3. Domestic Violence/family dispute calls
    They probably have their act together and polished, and can easily sail through any discovery requirements by the court because they've done it many times before.
    Even if the PD's discovery case is week it doesn't mean squat:
    It's a small town court in a high DUI area.
    You make the call,,

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    do you know how long it was from your 1st test to your 2nd. unless the officer skrewed up somewhere thats the only way I can seeing you get off. IE the 1st test was messed up. alky has a pretty standard motablizm rate.

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    I was thinking along the same lines. My first test was approx. 30 to 40 minutes before the second. The officer said typically it wears off @ a rate of .01 per hour, but mine went down .024 in 30 minutes. It was by La Paz County Sheriff's Dept. Seems like a long shot, but may be my only argument?

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    I'm not positive on this but I believe the #s on the pocket device
    is the invitation to get you to the real machine at the station. That
    one is legally calibraited to serve as evidence in court. The D.A. will
    probably plea bargin you to a lesser charge based on the #s
    shown at the station. Plead not guilt & seek council w/ attorney,
    or public defender.

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