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    I have a 1987 21' Rogers and am looking for other Rogers owners or any info. I bought this boat locally in the Bay area and never heard of Rogers until now. It seems to be a great boat and is set up pretty nice. Does anyone out there have a Rogers or know anything about them?

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    The person to talk to about the Roger's boats is oldrigger as he worked for Roger for a few years. I don't think he visits the HB forums any longer but you can usually get a hold of him here

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    Not So Fast
    Roger had a place in Moon Ridge (just below Parker Dam) back in the late 70"s early 80's. His boats were very popular with the jet set and there were plenty of then at that time. I thought he closed up his shop before your listed date but I could be wrong. They built a nice little boat and it was a fast hull as i remember. You'll probably have better luck posting in the JUST JETS section for history on the maker though. Good Luck. NSF

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