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    Any infor her about pumping up a 454 volvo penta duo prop . The boat is a 1991 formula 223 ls and is in excelllent shape. :220v:

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    BBC is pretty universal as far as hopping up.
    Not much if anything changes internally between the
    Merc version and the others.
    Drive is the only thing that changes.
    What hp is it rated?
    Is it carbed or fuel injected?
    What year?
    Also just try doing a search on here using 454 as a keyword on this forum
    I loved the Formulas especially the older ones.
    I wanted to buy another one when I found my current boat and the deal was just too good to pass up. (Im poor )
    I have had a 21LS with a 350/Alpha and a 17 F1 with a 140 Johnson, my cousin has had the famous 233 Openfisherman with twin 225hp outboards , a 233 longdeck with twin 350 Mercs, and currently an F18 with a 350 merc . One thing you want to check is the straighness of the bottom in the rear. In the mid 80s Formula put a lot of hook in their bottoms, dont know if that applies to your 91 but its worth a check,,if it has it just grinding it out and smoothing the bottom will get you 4-5mph on the top end easlily.

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    Any infor her about pumping up a 454 volvo penta duo prop . The boat is a 1991 formula 223 ls and is in excelllent shape. :220v:
    I worked with "Shut Your Pie Hole" on here with a 540CID project behind a Dup Prop. He picked up 9 mph over the old 502 that was in this 27 ft boat but he did loose the drive finally. He was happy with the results.
    Depending on which 454 you have you should be able to add some decent HP to it and not hurt the drive.

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    My boat is rated at a megar 330 hp and is a powerplant for a 1991 223 ls which will rise to 55 mph. this is at 5to 6 up on trim and 3 people a yellow lab and 70 something gallons of fuel on lake coeur d alene

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    blower or what . maybe a new ignition system with water cooled headers and a newer carb :rollside:

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    With the 330 HP and being a 91 you more then likely have the peanut port heads. Depending on what you want to spend you best bet for power improvement would be a set of Merlin Oval ports, an air gap intake, matched cam and lifter combo and that should bump you 80 to 100 HP over what you have. It would be best to change manifolds and get a better exhaust on the boat.

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    Yes, you really need to know what heads you have. The small ovals really won't use (for airflow improvement) anything more than .500" lift, and go to choking the motor pretty badly over about 4,000 RPM.
    A set of Large oval port heads (under 300cc ports) and more cam (something in an under .600" lift, arround 280* seat-seat duration), and an intake to match (my preference is the Edelbrock Performer RPM Air Gap 2.0 on MY Mk-IV 454) and I think you will be pleased.
    A set of water-jacketed headers would be a good improvement as well, but go get vaseline before writing the check, it's gonna HURT. :cry:
    Good luck to ya.

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    will my outdrive handle all of that hp or will i need to upgrade it . I just hate to be going over board on a full resto and not being realistic on just repowering or just some minor up grades that can accomandate my taste for now. Maybe i wont get so BUT HURT

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