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Thread: Cougar Boats

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    CJ Skier
    I am looking for a 21-23 ft tunnel and have been wondering what you think about 3-5 year old Cougars. I know they went out of business but I have always thought they were pretty nice. (I know a new company owns them but the new [I][U]ones are NOT what I am looking for)
    Has anyone had any actual experience with them?
    The magazines always raved about their build quality.

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    Theres several 30-40 year old cougars that regularly post on this website, im sure they could help you out!!!

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    The company was bought by some guys in Kansas and they moved the business. Seems like for the most part they are still building the same models. It appears they are spicing up the graphics some as well. The tests (Performance, craftsmanship, etc) written up in ***boat and Powerboat have always come out on the positive side if that helps.

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