t ain't nice to pss Granny off!
~ Editor’s Note ~
The following commentary by our beloved Grandmother is in response to the recent column Hispanic gangs bring feud, violence to Nashville streets published in The Tennessean.
Once again we see the TWO HEADED SNAKE arguing over which head is the best head to do something (or not do something). The bottom line is that the snake BODY is directing the words, legislation, and enforcement of existing law, of BOTH heads. Why can't folks see this? Why is it more important to argue over whether Head A (DemoCRAP) or Head B (RepublicRAT) will do a better/worse job than the other when they are BOTH engaged in NOT ENFORCING AMERICAN LAW - EXISTING AMERICAN LAW - as it relates to immigration. The SNAKE BODY wants OPEN BORDERS - free passage of humans, drugs, and any other illicit activity as they make MONEY from it. The Hispanic gangs are allowed to do as they are doing because it ties up law enforcement and it also keeps the diversion ongoing - keeping eyes OFF the activity of government and government agents.
Let me ask a question. Is not the *government of America* supposed to be of THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE, and for THE PEOPLE? If that is the case then how is it that everything THE PEOPLE are screaming out for is so blatantly ignored by those sitting in elected office?
The issue of ILLEGALS is HOT and we all know it so why are the borders still wide open and Bush continues to stand in front of mic's all over proclaiming he is fighting a WAR ON TERROR?
If Bush could tell the truth he would be hiding as he knows he is lying thru his teeth about his WAR ON TERROR. We read about all these GANGS and their dirty work because BUSH refuses to enforce existing law - he does everything he can to aid and assist the incoming ILLEGALS and then he has the gall to stand before us and tell us we are safer today than we were on 9/11/01
I sure don't see Bush removing those walls and fences or his security detail to make him SAFER as he is doing for our nation. The enemy within is the one we need to fear most and those are the ones in WDC who are ensuring that existing law is NOT ENFORCED.... Democrats and Republicans... the two heads of the SNAKE.
One thing I learned years ago living around Mexican families - they NEVER admit *their children* do anything wrong - even when the evidence is right in their face. I have stood my ground against them - face to face - and even when I proved my point, they stood there and denied it.