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Thread: Spud gun...

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    Interesting use of beer as a metaphor...

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    it's time to go get the guns out of the safe
    and warm up the bronco

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    I'll take 2 boxes of ammo please.

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    Milwaukee's finest...

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    this actually made it onto CNN....
    listen to the guys last comment at the end haha..

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    from the webpage...
    Unfortunately, Andy Serwer threw in an editorial zinger about Milwaukee's Best Light beer at the end, as if he didn't know that Milwaukee's Best Light recently won a silver medal in the American-Style Light Lager category at the Great American Beer Festival. Of course, Mr. Serwer also didn't understand why an old, bulky, picture-tube television would need to be destroyed, so it seems you can't always count on him to get it. The beer cannon videos running on the Internet show the can crushing campaign that Milwaukee's Best Light has been running for a while now. If you combine the "Men Should Act Like Men" tag with the beer cannon piece, you get a slightly different version of the CNN beer cannon segment, shown here. Pay attention to the ending. Although the reporter clearly isn't affiliated with or endorsing Milwaukee's Best Light, I think he should still act like a man.

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