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Thread: Scenes from the Bow. 10/22/06

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    A couple pics. from today. It's about over here back East.
    I will have to live boating from your pics. from here on in.

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    Very cool pics, where is that?

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    Thanks Boston Ma..

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Sorry to tell you this, Ken...
    ...but it was 94 degrees today in So Cal.

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    Sorry to tell you this, Ken...
    ...but it was 94 degrees today in So Cal.
    We'll be lucky enough to see 2 or 3 of those a yr. !
    On this day the temp. was about 48 deg. with the crusing speed around 40. Bringing the wind chill to about 26 deg. Note my buddies kids in the ft. of his bowrider. They were real troopers.Not one complaint all day.
    On a side note.
    How come my pics. show up as lil links instead of the photo ?

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    centerhill condor

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    Wow those are cool pics...I love the one with all the buildings!!

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    Hardly Satisfied
    very cool pics

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    That's cool, I was there with my wife a few yrs ago. Took a dinner cruise from the dock in the first pic. Also went out and paid a visit to "Old Ironsides" we really enjoyed boston, and Cape Cod was a party I can barely remember (to much rum).

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