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Thread: Trick CRF50 for sale

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    I am selling one of my 50's. This bike has a Sano Frame, Sano swing arm, sano bars, sano billet throttle, sano triple clamp, Sano chromoly longer fork legs, heavy duty fork springs, Sano billet pegs, Sano chromoly foot peg mounts, SIK 50's billet kick starter,Billet brake lever, i-shock piggy back rear shock, takagawa 88 kit, crower porting, crower cam, Classic honda pipe, Sano billet engine cover kit, Takagawa heavy duty clutch, Takagawa hi volume oil pump, Carbon fiber tank cover, carbon fiber ignition cover, New black rims. Everything is in PERFECT condition and show quality. I am asking $2500.00 or best offer. (FUELATV)

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    does it come with an air filter? jk, good looking bike. what year is it?

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    Everything aftermarket was done last year so basically it is a 2005. The stock parts that are on it are 2003. It runs very hard and has even more stuff on it then i listed.This bike has VERY little time on it and yes it comes with an air filter.

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    O.K. so nobody likes pink .... i will powdercoat the frame any color you want and include another graphics kit.

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