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Thread: Sunday 10/22 in Havasu

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    Rhino's looking great!! Carey's new boat too!!
    I was working all day in the back yard, or I would have seen you. I hating missing a good day on the water, but it was a great day to work. No wind, and pleasent temps.

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    Can you drive the rhino all the way down to the water in the channel? Legally? Or just this time of year.
    Nice pics.

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    Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing

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    You're killing me with those pics! As always, we leave on the nicest day :cry: Thanks again for the steaks, next time it's our turn!

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice, I am haiting the fact that I might not be back till Thanksgiving. The pictures at least let me know what I am missing, thanks for sharing them.

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    Caught 25 striper out there today! Gorgeous day!

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    came to havi I knew I should have walked down to the channel. Was to busy though had to unpack my trailer and come back to hell I mean california

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