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Thread: The Raiders...

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    championship train has left the station...all of you that did not hop on, will now be stuck on the band wagon! see you all in the Super Bowl...bitches. lol.

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    Not So Fast
    Now thats funny NSF

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    Brady Bunch
    1 win and now your going to the super bowl........ :hammer2:

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    1 win and now your going to the super bowl........ :hammer2:
    lmao exactly what i was least my team got their second win today. As long as they stay ahead of the raiders i'm happy.

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    Arizona has a better chance of going to the Super Bowl than the Faiders.

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    I watched a pop warner team on Saturday that had a better chance of getting to the bowl than the raiders...what planet do you live on???

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    so much for their perfect season

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    OK, so whats worse?? Being on an 0-5 raiders team? Or being on the first team to lose to an 0-5 raiders team....??

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    Phat Daddy
    Like dmontzsta said... hop on now!!!! All you haters need to learn to take a joke. All us Raiders fans know where not going to the SB this year but it's funny to put sh#t like this up and watch the Haters go all crazy!!! Relax people, it's just a win for the team you love to hate. :crossx:

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    Heading up on Friday for the Raiders next game on Sunday, when Pittsburgh comes to town... After that game, I fear their record will be much like my fantasy teams record, 1-6 :cry:.

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