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Thread: Lavey Tunnel

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    20.2 MOD VP TUNNEL , gaffrig ,in control ,monster gps , 280 sport low hrs ,ellis trailer, weld wheels ,light layup ,very very clean boat ,fast must go 18 k (925)516-7592

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    Beautiful....good luck.

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    To The Top !!!!!!

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    Good luck with that. I cant believe you still have that thing. I think you should save it for the boys.

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    My opinion on this boat is. This thing is bad ass. It is a great boat to cruse or ski. I cant beleve no one has jumped on this boat. you will not find one any cleaner.

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    Someone in the market for this style and size boat needs to get off there ass and go see it. This boat sells itself if seen in person. VERY VERY clean rig at a give away price. This boat will make somebody very happy as it has Tunnel T for many years.

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    What's it run with that combo, does it have any storage in the floor?
    Any more interior pics year hull/motor? Jack plate etc.??
    Fuel cap
    Injected oil or mix
    last serviced
    where is the boat located

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    to the top

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    Looks like almost the century mark!

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    This things not sold yet :cry: .
    Anybody interested must see this boat,VERY CLEAN.FAST,RELIABLE a real attention getter.
    Cant belive the price are you going to file those BANKRUPTSEY papers soon??
    Who ever jumps on this thing is gettin a GREAT boat.

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