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Thread: Blower Shop 14 71 for sale

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    For sale 14-71 blower shop blower, stripped blower and clearanced for gasloine, purchased new this year and used on a v-drive hydro. Blower is in excellent shape and all parts included are shown in the pictures. Included is a polished Indy intake with port nozzles tapped, machined for burst panel, for tall deck BBC. Tensioner is the upgraded piece that attaches to the block and polished. 8mm Pullies for 13% over included as well as the appropriate length belt for this setup on a tall deck BBC. Finally the polished carb adapter with studs for Dominators. This is top of the line complete blower setup and 9 out of 10, very lightly used and not abused. You only will need a set of Dominators to have a gorgeous blower motor and make huge torque and power with this setup. This blower has almost no limits power wise. Another ***boater from this thread saw 1500 HP on alcohol with an identical blower. If you want to be king of the hill, this is the blower for you. I will include the polished hard chrome carb lines for a blower, a $250 item, and the carb blower linkage. This setup cost over $5600 when brand new, the intake alone is a $950.00 piece. $4200 or best offer! Email me at or call me at
    (304) 415-9785, John.

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    Big Boys Toy PE857
    What size and how much for the used shoes in the reflection on the scoop. T/Y

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    Those jewels were on my feet at the time of the picture, sunday best, but I will toss them in, as a deal maker, iffin you pay full price.

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    Want to just sell the blower alone?

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    Would consider selling the blower and accessories minus the intake and scoop, if that someone needs it for another application.

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    john will that shiney scoop work on my boat

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    That scoop is for Dominators, does your boat have Dominators on it?

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