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    What is the most common strut angle on most day cruisers in 20-22 ft. is it 7-1/2 DEGREE? RCM

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    Really depends on the builder and the age of the boat. The larger the boat, the taller the angel will likly be as the larger heavier boat requires more bow lift to get her rollin and to maintain. More then likly it will be around 8 to 10 deg. Check it and see. Also know if your thinkin of doing a strut change to lower the shaft angel you will indeed need to have the power in reserve to nose and weight, something to think about.....

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    WELL SH%$, ***** power to carrie the nose and weight*****

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    My 21 Howard Cruiser originally had a 9 deg strut but after going to a blown 540 engine It started handling really wierd and was lifting the transom. I went to a 7 1/2 deg and moved it forward 6 1/2 in. and brought the prop closer to the bottom of the boat, the prop clears the bottom by about 5/8 in. The end of the strut barrel is 23 1/2 in from the outside of the transom now and I have been real happy with handling and performance.

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