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Thread: boat and trailer registration

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    My new boat and trailer are both registered in Az. I would like to keep the boat reg. in Az but I'm not sure if the trailer needs to be. If I decide to register the trailer in Ca. what will happen of I show up at dmv and they start asking questions about the boat too? the boat will be used mainly on the parker strip. are there any dmv's(ca)along that area where I can put the boat in the water and then go register the trailer?

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    Don't worry about the boat, DMV don't have nothing to do with it, just register the trailer in CA, that's what goes down the road. I did it for over 20 yrs, not to worry!.
    Sorry I missed you at Needles, I came over a couple of times but you guys were thrashing on the boat and didn't look too much like happy campers at the time, LOL, figured I better not butt in. See ya at Red Rock I hope!...

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    Beautiful Noise
    As GoFastRacer,Said it's not a Problem you use the Boat in Az and you Trailer in California I've had Mine that way for Year's and I've never been pulled over for it. Only once at Lake Pyramid did I get Hassled for my Boat being Registered in Az but no other place in California have they ever said anything about it

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    Yeah, I had that deal too, all I told them was once in a blue moon I use the boat in CA and they just said OK, that's cool!.

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    Beautiful Noise
    Yeah, I had that deal too, all I told them was once in a blue moon I use the boat in CA and they just said OK, that's cool!. Same here they gave me a hard time but I told them I was just taking it out for the first time to get the bug's out,But they made sure I had my Muffler's in before letting me on the water tho

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    My trailer is registered in CA and the boat in NV , never been questioned on it, had a friend who was once and the answer was it was stored and trailered in CA but the boat was mostly used in AZ/NV . No other problems. I have heard about 10 years ago certain officials in Orange County were trying to crack down on this practice because you avoid paying CA personal property tax when registering the boat out of state. Haven't heard much about that effort since.

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    There is a CA. DMV in Blythe, CA.

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