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Thread: Weekend Warrior hookups???

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    A buddy of mine is looking for a weekend warrior 25-27fter all white (No Decals). New preferably... Anyone have a hookup on new one or sell them??

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    PM Headinjury at:

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    JB in so cal
    Saw the new 30ft Non-toter home WW yesterday; $150k!! :220v: Yikes!

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    Thanks....Trailer park casanvoa.
    JBB did you see it @ the expo???

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    JB in so cal
    Thanks....Trailer park casanvoa.
    JBB did you see it @ the expo???
    RV show in Pomona.

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    RV show in Pomona.
    We tried to make it out there yesterday, but didnt happen.

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    it will be bigger and cheaper I bet.WW must have raised the prices,my trailer new is now over 60k

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    Shawn Zang..aka Headinjury is the man when it comes to WW. We bought ours threw him and sold it a few years later for almost what we paid. He's a great guy and knows how to get around WW's somewhat shakey customer service. Bu from him and he makes sure you are taken care of.
    Chris Mock

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    Angry Inch
    For some reason I thought this was going to be about hookers and blow...

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    Thanks alot guys, we went out looking this past weekend and he ended up pickup up a ATTITUDE by Eclipse. Saved a bit of money and I think the overall quality was alot better than the Weekend Warrior.
    I called Shawn Zang a few times, sent some emails and Pms via , but no response?? Oh well.
    We were really impressed with the attiutde and there sales man. Came with Real Maple Cabinets Solid floors and walls where you can kick your hardest and it wouldnt put a hole through...they had a 300lb guy hang from the cabinets jumping on it....and they woudnt budge also came with a Sony Xplod system and subs. There were alot of other reasons as well.

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