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Thread: Dumbest things you've done and survived

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    We did this on another board and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Here's a couple of mine-
    One weekend a dump truck was parked right across the street from our house, I'm about 8 years old. Well, we decided to check out the gas tank, now that I'm older and hopefully smarter, I have to assume it was deisel. Anyway, we decided the only way to find out if there was gas in the tank was to throw a lit match in. Holy crap! The flame that came out of that thing was amazing....a 10ft torch! Put the cap on and it went out, pretty cool. Yep, we did it a couple of more times before my friend's Dad tore us a new one.
    The other one involves one of those tractors I mentioned above. Back then we found out they didn't need a key to start the engine. There was ths little switch on the dash that would power things up and a button to start the engine. As luck would have it, we found them and fired one of those puppies up. 3 - 8 year old kids driving a front loader around a huge construction site got us into a ton of trouble.
    I can't even imagine what I'd do to my kids if they did half the crap I did as a kid!

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    Told my wife NO outloud.

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    a catered life
    got married because the sex was awesome :cry:

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    lost the front wheel of a motorcycle(borrowed) when pulling a wheelie down the street.....All I remember was waking up in my neighbors house with a bloody head.

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    I registered at *** (what was I thinking and why am I still alive?)

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    Married my first wife....

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    link (http://www.***
    C.T. :wink:
    the automatic door opener is hilarious.

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    Got on a bull named Airtime because they wanted to buck him and nobody would get on him. I had ridden him twice already and figured he would be fun to get on again.
    He was really nervous in the chutes and wouldn't stay still so I called my gate with him leaning on my left leg.
    He blew up right in my face and started spinning inside the chute without leaving it!!!!
    I stuck it to him for about 2 and a half rounds and got rocked outside of him. When I tried to make a move to get back on top of him, he turned on the gas and I hit my shoulder on the chute. This ripped me off the top of him.
    I hung up to him and couldn't get free. He dragged me underneath him and stepped all over me. When my rope popped free, I lifted my head and BOOM!!! He planted one of his hooves right in the middle of my face breaking my nose in 4 spots and cracking a cheak bone.
    I ended up with a shoulder with all of the skin missing from it. You could see how the human shoulder worked if I showed you. I also ended up getting sinus surgery with a little rhynoplasty (sp?) as well.
    It was magical...
    I look back on my rodeo days and have no idea how I did it.

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    Made an oxyacetylene bomb with a 30 gallon trash worked so well we decided to make another one.
    The bag was just about full when a static electricty spark set it off....while we were standing all around it in a closed garage. Couldn't hear very well for a few days.... :220v: :220v:

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