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Thread: Best music format/software?

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    What is the easiest and least restrictive music download program/software to use? Here is why I am asking:
    OK, I have been avoiding the Ipod thing for as long as possible because I think it is a pain in the ass to setup. No doubt works very well once you are dialed in. I just don't have the patience.
    Anyway, daughter has been wanting an Ipod so we got her a cheap MP3 player to see how responsible she is then told her we would upgrade to the real-deal Ipod if she does well (does not lose it etc.).
    So we get her an RCA Lyra and it works fine except it comes with crappy ass Musicmatch software which put a bunch of license restrictions on the the files we downloaded from the Walmart music download site. Now we cannot use them I can't even listen to downloaded music on my desktop that I paid for. WTF? How can I convert these protected files that I just bought back into a unprotected format? I just uninstalled Musicmatch and tried to listen to them with Windows Media Player and the files are still protected

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    I think there is a setting in the Windows media player called DRM, Digital Rights Management & you can change it or turn it off. Use a different music player on your PC. NERO, Winamp & RealPlayer come to mind. Try the Multimedia section of this site, free downloads

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    Thanks. I'll have a look.

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    Could not find the settings. Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Cheap Thrills
    You can edit the ID3 tag with DB Poweramp. It's a free converter.
    If your MP3 player is reconised as another drive you should be able to just drag and drop MP3 files to it without having to use the Music Match software completely bypassing the protected file hassle.
    If you cant transfer the files without the software here's the DB Poweramp website.
    DB Poweramp (
    For playing files on your comp. use Winamp. used it for years and love it. On my Windooze partition.
    Using Kaffeine player now (Linux)
    I've used Music Match and don't like it at all
    C.T. :wink:

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