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Thread: MSD mounting ??

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    Sanger d
    Hey guys, I want to put an msd box in my sanger and I am wondering where u think the best place to mount it is. anybody got picts, did you have to fab a bracket, or does somewhere sell them? thanks guys.

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    Teague Custom Marine makes a bracket that mounts on the back of the head.

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    On the drag boats I made a bracket out of aluminum angle and mounted it to the stringer and then mounted the box to that. I would also recommend using the rubber mounts that MSD sells to take out the vibration. I have never had a problem with mounting it that way, but I don't know how much room you have to work with, in our boats room was not a problem since we only had one seat.

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    On a lake boat I would mount it on the head just to keep it kinda dry and out of the way. You can get that Teague bracket or just make one. When you see Teagues price you'll be making it.

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    I MOUNTED MY msd box to my bulk head under the deck. I talked with MSD tech and they said it would work fine being mounted that far away! No problems so Far, and theres no way (short or sinking it) that the box can get wet!!!

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    I just put in a complete MSD marine system. I bought the water prooof box and mounted it on the stringer engine rail. I also mounted a aluminum cover over the top to keep off some of the water. I think it will work. I tied all of the wires together under the cover.

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    On my [B]JET[B] boat I mounted mine to a piece of aluminium using the suplied vibration mounts on the inside of the transom up under the lip so it stays dry. It is a 6AL an my understanding is that we (jet and V-drive guys) are fine running a 6AL and billet distributor because we generally aren't running in an enclosed area, ie, under a deck, that would be subject to additional moisture or explosion. Hope that helps you out, as our hulls aren't that different.

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    I made a box under the rear seat for all my electronics.
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    Sanger d
    Hey guys thinks for the tips! see ya at the river

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