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Thread: Donka shane, Gracias, Thanxx!!!

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    Mr. V-Driver
    Just wanted to say a Big "Thank You!" to all and everyone that came by to say "Hi" and let my bro and I know that we were much appreciated!!!
    It was great to reminisce about the Old times and new!!!
    I can't remember everyone's names, but some of the new and old were "V-Drive Video", "Billy B.", "Fry and the MeanStreak Team", "Lew Larson", "1/2 of the Lion team(Kim)", "Gary Kincaid and Crue", "The 043 UFO Docken Team", "Redding Video", "Joe Shelfo", and many, many others!
    If I didn't mention your name, I apoligize! It was truely Niiice to see and Meet y'all!!! Hope to see some or all of you at the Next NJBA or SCSC races!
    Have Fun Boating and B-Safe!!!

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    Press ONE for english........Jeeeeezzzzzeeeeesss..........

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    Press ONE for english........Jeeeeezzzzzeeeeesss..........
    Mr. V-driver, not sure if I met you but I was the baldheaded (Rob) guy helping Eric Lyon and Kim on Kevin Felkins TAF535 that Tony S. drives. Did you make it down to our pit or did you see Kim in line getting the rest of us some of Rex's Nitro :220v: burgers (damn they smell good!).

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    Mr. V-Driver
    We got Bomb-barded at our booth and Never made it down to you guys, but wanted to! After closing up shop we had to go to the other end and help guys out with some gear changes and stuff. Kim came to our booth and bought a Purple flamed tank top cause the weather was so HOT! I'm sure you saw her wearing it on Sat. We miss Eric and Kim and it would've been a pleasue to meet You and see Tony as well!!! Will do Next time in November for the finals. I think pops wil come out with us too, no midget racing that weekend. Hope all is well and say Hi to all your CRUE from all of us!!! Thanxx!!

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