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Thread: My Catalina pics

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    from my maiden voyage this weekend. I decided to put them in my own thread...anyhow:
    The ride over was very smooth and yes it was very foggy. We left about 9:15A from our meeting spot outside the smokestacks. At least that is where I would guess we
    Here are a few pics one of my crew took. I will add some of mine tonight:
    Teresa and me acting silly
    The best boat biach in the business (Dave aka Heavy D) and SinCals daughter Misty
    Ya, it was cold at first. That was the only beer I had while underway. The girls made me do it sort of like a champagne bottle accross the bow. Didn't even finish it. For some reason I feel the "need" to point that out.

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    clippers suck. :crossx:

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    very cool pics...thanks for sharing

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    clippers suck. :crossx:
    91-90 biach

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    91-90 biach

    haha, they beat the Lakers bench (without PJ) by a point... Congrats!

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    haha, they beat the Lakers bench (without PJ) by a point... Congrats!
    Jacker....This is about my Catalina trip

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    nice pics Tom good to see you got that first trip out of the way safely

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    Sorry tom had a one motor take a crap on the ramp.........sucky day for us..glad you guys had fun.........How was the ride back?

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    You guys look like you're going snow skiing....
    I don't know about going out in that fog....did you have a GPS with you?
    Tom, it looks like a fun trip!

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