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Thread: new mexico hot boats

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    This is for you
    I am going to try and organize a parking lot reggetta at sneakers some time in march what date do you guys think
    the owner of sneakers said he would let us use the whole parking lot

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    CB, Sounds great to me. The Saturdays of the 18 I'm in Farmington and the 25 I've got a Demo Day to do at UNM GC. Other than that I'm open. I'm open most Sundays.
    Thanks again for getting it started.
    Sundance :chi:

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    I like the idea and will try and be there. I don't know if you know any of the local drag racers or not, but I can try and get them to bring some boats out as well. I should be open most weekends with the execption of March 5th.

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    what do you guys think sunday or saturday i think more people will be able to attend on a sunday

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    we are also putting together a run whatcha brung at the butte the first weekend in april

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    Guys, Sundays work better for me. I've got to believe that there is more than just the three of us here that read the HB Forum. Lets hear from you people, jump on in and let us know what you feel. If an "old fart" like me can do it, so can you. I would really be neat to get a Sunday reggata going in a lot. I drive past the Hooter's on 528 all the time and see the car guys out there. Why not show them what we have and how easy it is to get into it. I feel some of our hot rods are as good as on the Barrett- Jackson Auction for a hell of a lot less.
    Thanks, Sundance :chi:
    "Remember to Keep that Tail up"

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    Shark In The Pond
    what do you guys think sunday or saturday i think more people will be able to attend on a sunday
    Where the hell you been hiding ? I was worried that I was going to get a call from you Thanksgiving to say you were on the way to pick me up and go out drinking ? :crossx:

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    SIP, Been hiding out this year! Business was "SHitty". My daughter and ex-son-in law are getting a divorice. My daughter got custody of their boat. Will hopefully be heading to West Texas in the next couple of months. Want to bring my hot rod down to Lubbock and Lake Nasty in San Angelo. You all got anything going this year?
    Thanks,Sundance :chi:

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    Hmmm your daughter ended up with a boat... is it by chance a Kachina Tunnel that Charley used to own and race in progas jet? If so I met her the other day when I tried to buy the boat... but she wanted to keep it.

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    shark man could not make it out for turkey called ahead and lubbock told me they were outta of goose :rollside: but the real reason is the boat building and motor bussiness is going stupid crazy no time to do crap when you coming to new mexico i think it is your turn

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