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Thread: Flywheel/flexplate covers

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    Where are you guys getting these covers from to use with your railkits? I'm talking about the ones where the cover sticks out just enough to cover the flywheel/flexplate and then is flat. I keep finding these bubbled looking ones but i like the other style better. Here's a pic of the style i'm looking for...
    I know duane at HTP has some but i'm hoping to find somthing alittle cheaper.

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    Check with Duane @ HTP thats where I got mine.
    I do not have a good pic on file but here is what I have from HTP

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    I have them.

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    Nucking futs
    Call Jan @ lightning , He has them.
    Lightning (

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    Shaun those are made by lightning. THey are super light. I have one on my boat and they weight like 3-4lbs.

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