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Thread: I hate HOLLYWOOD !

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    I've had the misfortune of working on hollywood Blvd.(not the way your thinkin) and I think day two was just too much . Aside from the urine smell first thing in the morning that is like a urinal is held to your face , I had the pleasure @ 7:00 am this morning to be greeted with a huge pile of human waste right in my path of travel and as an added bonus . The urine oder was extra pungant. What a fockin dump that place is ! Cant wait till tomorrow morning to see what little gems the locals left for me .

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    Look at what the bright lights got ya, a big pile of shit. :

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    Even more entertaining is the shit was right next to the motley crue star which added the extra nasty touch I thought .

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    Trailer Park Casanova
    That stretch of the Blvd is called Vaseline Alley by the locals.

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    Red Horse
    I have been to LA before, but never Hollywood. I thought that was a high rent district. A real nice place. Sounds like it is awful. What gives?

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    Most of that area has gone downhill from all the homeless people.

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