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Thread: need upholstery and anodizing work

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    does anyone know a good upholstery shop in the orange county or LA county area that is really reasonable. i need the back seat and hatch redone on my daytona from wear and tear of people getting in and out, the front four seats and trim is in great shape. i also was wondering if anyone knows somewhere to get my dana swim steps re-anodized? thanks

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    collins auto trim in downey, wont be the cheapest but great quality

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    Dana Marine Products
    Are they anodized or powdercoated? Either way we can help you out. 951-279-5005. Thanks, Bob @ Dana Marine

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    Dana Marine Products
    Oh yeah, on the interior, Land and Water in Santa Ana. Talk to Jesse, very talented, very high quality work at great prices. I've had him do several jobs for me and I'm always impressed.

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    they are anodized, that would be awesome, any idea on pricing?

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