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    Heres a little highlight video that I put together from my weekend at the Parker 300 in Parker, AZ. It was a Fun race and I can't wait til next year. Click here to see the video My Parker 300 Highlight Video ( Let me know if it doesnt work.

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    Sweet...what kind of top speeds do the boats with twins see???

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    Howie Feltersnatch
    Nice boat! What is it? Looks like you're doing a little chine walking there around the 1:10 mark.

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    Nice video. Thanks for posting.

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    very cool, I missed that race.

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    Sweet...what kind of top speeds do the boats with twins see???
    The "Warpath" is capable of 150mph (Or "S" on the Autometer 140 mph GPS speedo) with the larger 412CI Small Blocks in it. We were running the small 284CI small block spare motors at Parker because we sucked up some seaweed in San diego 2 weeks ago and messed one of the heads up on one of the big motors. #11 boat hit 115mph a couple times and the #1 hit 104 a couple of times at the Parker 300.

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    the only bad part of the video is... there isn't enough of it
    thanks for posting :skull: :rollside:

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    Bump for some more views!

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    The sad part is that with all that money, Mike could not have a responsible
    person score the boat so there laps did not count. Several slower boats finished well in front of them because they could not count their laps. Marathon races have been going on for fifty plus years, it's not like its brain surgery.

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    Funny part is he actually did. We paid a kid $100 to mess it up!! It really sucked for my Dad who was driving the #1 boat. Oh well, it was our first year and we will definetly be back next year ready to go with a extra reliable counter!

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